Directions and Stuff.

Raleigh, North Carolina 27601


 ~ Scooters or Mopeds no larger than 99cc. They CANNOT go on the Highway in any state.

 ~ You must be the registered owner of the moped or scooter, have insurance and appropriate license (if applicable) plus wear protective gear. Oh, and sign a piece of paper that says "I Will Not Whine" or "Take Legal Action of Any Kind" ~ that you are aware that this is a ridiculous and dangerous challenge in which you have thoroughly researched and pondered the consequences of both your own actions, actions of others, acts of God, the Universe, random dogs and any other possible positive or negative outcomes that may roll your way or appear on the road at anytime and anywhere.

~ No kiddies. No one under 18 ~ 21 if you haven’t finished high school or 3rd grade. Note: If you are under 21, you will not be able to fully partake in any planned or spontaneous festivities or informed opinions on color-coordinating with your scooter. This probably isn't the right challenge for you at this time in your life. No offense.

 ~ The idea is to go slow, meet tons of people, sleep under the stars, hang out in sketchy hotels, survive dirty hostels and make the most of the USA while taking the back roads to life adventure.