RIDEiculous is not an average adventure. 

It is 10,000 miles of back road wanderlust to the four corners of the lower 48 of the United States...on a Scooter no bigger than 99cc. 

No Highways, No Rules, No Problem.

As told by Paxmaster- one of the pioneers of this journey:

"Today I began preparations to have my 1981 C70 at optimum running condition before the journey. Ordered new rings and gaskets to rebuild the engine over the winter, new chain and sprockets, new rear tire (and a spare). Hopefully I can find some panniers at the REI .

Some simple math towards budgeting:
(all appox of course)
900 miles to maine
3700 miles from maine to washington
1400miles from washington to so cal
2900 miles from so cal to florida
900 miles from florida back to nc
=9800 miles. We'll say an even 10000, because you will get lost, you will get sidetracked, and it is better to over estimate.

10,000 miles will run around 100 gallons of gas, assuming u burn more on the uphills, and save some on the downhills. Factor high, again, for $3.00 a gallon. So $300 in gas. Not bad really for a 4 corners troll around the US."

He has since bought another scooter. 

Slow Down! 
See the United States on a scooter to the 4 corners and beyond. 

A journey in which “A bold undertaking” is an understatement.